Ripple CTO Slams Self-Proclaimed Satoshi for Attacking XRP

Jan 04,2023
Ripple CTO Slams Self-Proclaimed Satoshi for Attacking XRP

At the most recent timeA series of articlesRipple CTO David Schwartz fought back against Craig Wright's attack on the XRP cryptocurrency.

Schwartz is sure that Craig gradually talked about XRP because he "proved that its argument (which has nothing to do with XRP) is complete nonsense." The Ripple executive said Wright was more committed to attacking him and XRP than to finding meaningful solutions to cryptocurrency problems.

Wright strongly criticized Schwartz for his lack of objectivity in his argument: "DS has no reason in a series of original articles here." Among them are Qi and Blood Fang Gang and various other logical fallacies. However, he claims that these are all reasonable arguments. In other tweets, she stepped up the line of attack, reprimanding Schwartz for promoting its agenda while preventing any conversations that had nothing to do with XRP.

ASReporterThe quarrel began after Schwartz accused Wright of his argument about choosing bitcoin, calling it "ignorance". He, who calls himself the quantum chain, says XRP is "the most meaningless scheme for pumping water and toppling".

It has been more than a week since Ripple Technical Director Peter Schwartz and described himself as intellectual Craig Wright in the tweet war. The two cryptocurrency forerunners have been arguing over the pros and cons of BSV, an alternative to XRP and Wright's BTC.

Schwartz refutes the idea that he instigated the whole thing, saying that everything else done was so incorrect just to emphasize Wright. "if I see an argument that I think is unwise, should I not think I think it is stupid?" the Ripple executive asked.