Ripple Director's Vacancy Gets Unexpected Applicant

Nov 05,2022
Ripple Director's Vacancy Gets Unexpected Applicant

Ben Armstrong (alias BitBoy), the controversial author of encryption blog, has applied to be the product director of strategic planning of Ripple Singapore. Armstrong indicated that he was inspired by Jeffrey Schwartz, the incumbent technical director of the enterprise, and he thanked the CEO, Ripple Lab and a member of XRP community.

Naturally, BitBoy's statement was a mockery and inherited a series of provocations between the blogger and XRP troops. Recall that when Armstrong's continuous short video of XRP enthusiasts as fantasy surfaced, the influencer received a strong response from the community recently. After getting more and more depressed, the fashion blogger apologized, responded to the situation and announced that you are the top leader of XRP troops.

Although BitBoy's active development and XRP Shilling have led to many disputes in the community, some famous members of the team show that such a large popularity indeed reflects the advantages of cryptocurrency. According to John Deaton, a pro XRP practitioner and cryptographer, Armstrong's participation in the process has made people pay more attention to the SEC's "unreasonable" prosecution of Ripple.

SEC v. Ripple: Recent progress

The legal dispute between SEC and Ripple about the influence of XRP on companies and behaviors continues. For example, Cryptorian Payment Systems recently filed a lawsuit with the court to apply for XRP.

According to Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, in general, 12 separate engagements from the investment community provide legal protection for encryption enterprises against regulators.