RippleX Starts Giving Away Money to XRPL Developers, Here's What It's For

Dec 29,2022
RippleX Starts Giving Away Money to XRPL Developers, Here's What It's For

The RippleX subsidiary, which is responsible for developing and designing XRP Ledger and applicable green ecosystem developers, has launched a new funding grant program, but with clear criteria.

Thus, the XRPL reward, which is also the name of the new process, involves rewarding developers who explicitly come up with new practical ideas for XRP Ledger. It all starts with a proposal, followed by a series of reviews and evaluations that all interested developers can implement, provided they comply with compliance regulations.

When every letter of intent has been thought about, once such an idea is implemented, all participants can apply for payment.

What reward has XRPL already offered?

So far, a total of five themed event rewards have been set up, of which the most popular is the establishment of attendance verification infrastructure, which will allow NFT in the XRP ledger to confirm attendance at all themed events.

Among the interesting and unusual bounties discussed in the open today is the integration of the cutting-edge game production engine Unreal engine 5. As the creator envisioned, this will allow mobile game developers to integrate the XRP Ledger role into their products and allow partners to apply the same effect to games built on illusory engines. For example, it is this module that recently runs Fortnite, a much more popular human shooter game on PlayStation5 video games.