Robert Kiyosaki Buys More Bitcoin Right Now, Here's Why

Jan 02,2023
Robert Kiyosaki Buys More Bitcoin Right Now, Here's Why

Best-selling business services encourage Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad and Poor Dad", his final advice on bitcoin and cryptocurrency does not seem to be over in 2022, but on the last day of the year, the author reports his position on these areas at this stage.

At first, Kiyosaki was interested in bitcoin. Now he is investing in Bitcoin again, and most importantly, it is classified as a commodity like other special tools the author likes: gold, platinum and crude oil. Interestingly, the author obviously did not predict the price of $1000 per bitcoin, but insisted on investing at the current level.

In addition, Kiyosaki has very different views on other cryptocurrencies, most of which he estimates will be undermined by the regulatory program of the U.S. Stock and Exchange Commission.

Robert Kiyosaki's views on 2023

In his analysis of the 2023 global forecast, the author urges readers to prepare for another roller coaster era. In its view, the Federal Reserve's current policy of raising interest rates could lead to the collapse of many industries, including real estate, and lower wages by 2024.

As a result, Robert Kiyosaki stressed that only intelligent and knowledgeable people can get rich under such circumstances.