Seven Best New NFT Investment Projects in 2022!

Nov 28,2022
Seven Best New NFT Investment Projects in 2022!

The irreplaceable token (NFT) field is one of the fastest growing fields in cryptocurrencies. Investors have been looking for new NFT projects with huge growth potential. In this guide, we will look at the seven best new NFT projects and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each project. Now let's have a look!

Best New NFT Projects:

Robotic Age – New NFT Project Constructs P2E Metauniverse with Zero Code Creation Tool

IMPT – Green encryption project to transform carbon credit into non-financial transactions

Overhead – NFT based card game, with paid and free versions

Tama doge – new P2E NFT games and unique pet and arcade games

WHIKO – Community Centered NFT Project Hosts Real Events

Memes - high quantity and low cost of collection and dissemination of positive information

James Merrill's ORI Unique Origami Art Collection

1. RobotEra -- New NFT project uses zero code creation tool to build P2E meta universe

Although established projects such as sandbox are now more widely known, Robotic Age (taro) is one of the best NFT projects to be launched soon. Due to its extraordinary creation tools, it may soon find itself at the forefront of the field of the meta universe.

The local taro token of the project was recently launched as a pre-sale, and quickly sold out after gaining global attention.

In order to ensure that any item in the game can be traded at the lowest cost, RobotEra uses NFT technology - land, robot companions and player avatars will all adopt the NFT form based on Ethereum.

In addition to encouraging players to spend more time playing Robot Age, this will also enable the project to generate additional income through secondary sales.

As one of the top projects of the new NFT, "Robot Age" has an incredibly fascinating game. Players explore a unique experience of splitting into different continents, building structures and P2E, using a comprehensive set of codeless creation tools.

In addition, players can tap resources to create robot companions, which can be sold in the built-in NFT market.

The project is powered by an ERC 20 governance token named TARO. People holding 1.8 billion supply tokens can promise their TARO to obtain voting rights for potential project updates. To further increase the practicability of the token, taro can be wagered to obtain the encryption reward RobotEra white paper to learn more.

Anyone who wants to invest in the best new NFT can invest through the three-stage RobotEra pre-sale. The initial price of TARO is only US $0.020, then rose to US $0.025, and finally reached US $0.032.

With prices rising steadily, it is now worth checking the project to get tokens at the best price. Join the robot telegram to get the latest information as soon as possible.

2. IMPT - green encryption project to transform carbon credit into non-financial transactions

With the growing concern for responsible investment, IMPT, a project aimed at converting a credit line equivalent to one ton of carbon offset into a carbon emission line, may sweep the world.

The IMPT token has recently entered the second stage of pre-sale, and has raised more than 13 million dollars, attracting investors' attention.

To be one of the coolest NFT projects in the market, IMPT's grand plan is not surprising. By transforming carbon credit into NFT, IMPT will enable credit to be verified by blockchain, eliminate double counting problems, and ensure the transparency of this $273 billion industry.

Carbon credits can be purchased directly or obtained by exchanging tokens with more than 10000 cooperative brands, including Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft.

A company can also reduce carbon emissions by allocating part of its profits to IMPT's environmental projects. See the IMPT white paper to learn more.

IMPT will create a special social media platform to allow people to show their contribution to the environment in the form of IMPT points.

People can earn points by exchanging carbon credits or converting them into customized NFT, which can then be displayed or sold in the NFT market of IMPT. Like other upcoming NFT stations, IMPT tokens are available as part of a three stage pre-sale.

At present, the price of each IMPT token is set at 0.023 dollars, but in the third and final stage, the price will rise to 0.032 dollars, which means that it is worth going to IMPT now before the next price rise. Join the IMPT telegram to keep abreast of the latest situation.

3. Calvaria NFT based card game, with paid and free versions

The number of new NFT games that have proliferated is probably the best. Encrypted battle card games built on polygonal networks allow players to compete in and reward duels. So far, RIA token has raised more than 2 million dollars during the pre-sale period, highlighting its potential.

Although games like Hearthstone have become very popular, few people can cash their cards into usable currency. However, by converting cards into NFT, Calvaria will solve this problem and potentially help promote the project to become the center of the digital card game industry.

As one of the top new NFT games in the market, Calvaria allows players to earn crypto rewards by building a deck of cards and winning double rewards with other players.

However, for players who want to enjoy Calvaria's gameplay without spending any money, there is also a free version, which eliminates the need for NFT cards and removes any P2E elements from the game.

There are two different representations in the cranium ecosystem. RIA is used to purchase new cards for management purposes, and can bet to obtain rewards. eRIA (RIA obtained) rewards players who win games, and can be used to upgrade cards or buy items used in games from Calvaria stores.

The 1 billion supply RIA token is currently provided as part of the 10 stage pre-sale, and is now in the fourth pre-sale stage. The purchase price of the token is 0.025 dollars.

By the tenth stage, the price will increase to 0.055 US dollars, 120% higher than the current price, making it the best cheap password for early investors.

4. tamadoge – new P2E NFT game with unique pet and arcade games

The next top project of the new NFT is the "game making money" meme tama Because of its fascinating Pokemon game, Tamadoge is very popular among encryption enthusiasts. Its pre-sale raised 18 million dollars, and tokens continue to perform well in the open market.

Tamadoge is centered on the meta universe, in which players raise NFT pets on the Ethereum chain.

Each Tamadoge pet appears in the form of super rare, rare or ordinary NFT, with unique artwork and attributes. More details can be found in the Tamadoge white paper

Players can upgrade pets by providing items (food, toys, cosmetics) in the game store.

When a pet is upgraded, its owner will receive Dogepoints to improve its ranking on the game leaderboard - the player with the highest ranking will receive the most rewards to stimulate the game.

TAMA tokens are used to pay for items in the game and distributed to players as rewards. The tokens adopt ERC-20 standard and claim a maximum supply of 2 billion.

5% of the revenue generated from in store purchases was burned, reducing the overall supply of TAMA meme coin, which drew nearly 2000% from the pre-sale price after its listing in October.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to check this project now before the continuous burning pushes up the price of TAMA. Join the Tamadogi Telegraph Channel to keep up with any updates.

5. WHIKO - community centered NFT project, holding real activities

Among all the new NFT projects launched recently, WHIKO is the most interesting one. Focus on the community. The 8887 Ethereum NFT is used as the admission ticket for WHIKO community.

The owner of WHIKO NFT can visit WHIKO LAND, an NFT social club for encryption enthusiasts. In addition, the holder will obtain various air drops and the upcoming NFTs in advance to provide long-term value for investors. WHIKO will hold a series of real events for the holders.

In general, WHIKO is one of the best new NFTs in the market and can perform well according to its current sales volume. Although investors will have to wait to see which realistic functions will be announced, WHIKO is a project worth paying attention to.

6. memes - high-quality and low-cost collection and dissemination of positive information

Composed of 37 projects, each project adds about 400 to 1000 copies, and memes are somewhat different from the best new NFT.

The goal of memes is to create a low-cost series that any password enthusiast can afford, regardless of the budget.

The series was created using ER-1155 standard, which means that the casting price is reasonable.

Although there are 37 different Memes NFTs on the market, more have been created and will be provided to mind in the next few months. In terms of design, this collection is cheap, because its goal is to promote an open and autonomous meta universe.

Because Memes NFT series is affordable and spreads positive information, it is a reliable series for those who want to enter the NFT market. With the continuous introduction of new NFT, it is worthwhile to pay close attention to this series.

7. James Merrill's ORI unique origami art series

Although some NFT collections gain value from providing practicality or building platforms, James Merrill's ORI makes things simple and focuses only on works of art.

This series only consists of 450 NFTs cast on the Ethereum network. ORI has a base price of more than 2.75 ETH, which is the most expensive series on our list. However, with the recent decline in crypto prices, this series can be purchased at a reasonable price.

This series is inspired by Japanese origami art and published by Art Blocks, which helps artists create unique NFT.

Considering the uniqueness of ORI series, its value may increase as more inventors discover it.

Therefore, in the next few months, the performance of ORI and other art sectors deserves attention.


Although we have seen the best upcoming NFT available to some investors, in terms of potential, one project is higher than other projects. RobotEra will completely change the meta universe and provide people with a lot of money making opportunities. As the local taro token of the project is currently in pre-sale, there is no better time to check the project.