Solana's (SOL) Daily Active User Base Soars 50% in January, Here's Why

Jan 06,2023
Solana's (SOL) Daily Active User Base Soars 50% in January, Here's Why

According to crypto analytics portal Token Terminal, the number of daily active users of the Solana blockchain has grown by 56,000, or 55.9%, since the beginning of 2023. Solana's current daily user base now stands at 160,000, a number the blockchain has not seen since the FTX crash in November.

The reasons for this Solana renaissance at the beginning of the year are both internal and external in origin.

The first is the hype generated by Bonk Inu, BONK, which quickly gained an audience and popularity on social networks. BONK has all of the attributes of the classic meme token of today's crypto market, being a kind of Shiba Inu (SHIB), but on Solana. So far, the number of Bonk Inu token holders has now reached more than 100,000 addresses.Festive hangover

The external reasons include the positive momentum that has prevailed on the crypto market at the start of 2023. This is evidenced by similar spikes in activity on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, now Solana's two biggest competitors.

There seems to have been a sort of "exhalation" after a year of continuous decline in cryptocurrency prices and a corresponding decrease in blockchains' activity. However, how long this festive hangover will last after a year of an exhausting bear market is impossible to say.