Sun Yuchen declared that the fire must be concentrated in the Caribbean to promote globalization

Dec 29,2022
Sun Yuchen declared that the fire must be concentrated in the Caribbean to promote globalization

Recently, The Block, the leading media in the blockchain industry, released a report entitled "After the acquisition, fire must plan to set up an operation center in the Caribbean". Due to the openness of the Caribbean to the encryption industry, the fire had to plan to move its headquarters to the Caribbean. The FTX liquidity crisis will not weaken the attractiveness of the Caribbean, which is also part of Huobi's globalization strategy.

Recently, Huobi Huabi Brand Upgrading Conference was held in Singapore. Sun Yuchen, founder of Wave Field TRON, member of Huobi Global Advisory Committee, Permanent Representative of Grenada to the Trade Organization (WTO) and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, said at the press conference that in the future, Huobi will focus on three strategies: global development, scientific and technological advancement and scientific and technological progress. With the new slogan of "Fire must fire", Huobi must return to the three strategies.

Sun Yuchen, as a member of the Global Advisory Committee of HOBE, has been strongly supporting the transformation of HOBE. In an interview with the Financial Times and other media, he said that he would return the fire to the position of a leading exchange by focusing on strategies such as vigorously empowering HuabiToken (HT) and global development.

In October this year, Sun Yuchen created Wave Field TRON and reached a series of cooperation with Dominica, a Caribbean country, including wave field TRON network being designated as the national public chain, wave field TRON and its seven tokens being legally recognized as the legal tender of Dominica. Sun Yuchen has been actively looking for a breakthrough in the development of the encryption industry at a new stage. Under the guidance of Sun Yuchen, the fire will also focus on this area.

In addition, the report also revealed that Huobi's globalization strategy also includes increasing investment in Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions. One month after the completion of the equity acquisition, Huobi announced a series of plans to become a leading cryptocurrency exchange again. Sun Yuchen, a member of TRON HOBE Global Advisory Committee, released the latest strategy at the press conference on brand upgrading of Singapore HOBE in November. Part of the plan includes the establishment of institutions in the Caribbean Sea.

In October, Huabi was acquired by the Buyout Fund of Baiyu Capital. The financial terms were not disclosed, but an earlier report showed that Li Lin founded Huoyuan in Chinese Mainland in 2013, and this year has been seeking to sell his shares in a transaction worth about $3 billion. Subsequently, Sun was appointed a member of the Huabi Global Advisory Committee. People speculate that he is actually the real buyer behind the Baiyu Capital transaction, but Sun is working with him. The Block emails facts.

When asked why Sun Yuchen acted as a consultant, it seems that Huobi's spokesman played such an important role in Huobi: "Sun Yuchen demonstrated his due experience in marketing, which can ensure the success of Huobi's brand upgrade." They added, "Sun Yuchen's brand experience in TRON from 0 to 1 is very valuable."

In an interview with Bloomberg in October, Sun Yuchen said that he has "tens of millions" of HT, which is the platform token of Fire Coin. In the fire coin. Sun Yuchen said in a tweet shortly after Huobi's after-sales service: "The key to revitalizing Huobi is to enable HT, and HT will thrive in Huobi." According to CoinGecko data, its price has soared briefly since then, and then dropped to about $5 this month.

In today's announcement, Huobi expressed its hope to "give full play to HT's important strategic attributes". The spokesperson of HOBE added: "HT holders will be allowed to vote to decide which tokens to list on the exchange, such as PrimeVote, which was launched at the beginning of this month. This is one of the measures that HOBE gives HT holders the right to return their voting rights to the community, so that users can have a voice in the most influential decisions."

HuabiGlobal was renamed as Huabi. In terms of brand reconstruction, the company's name will be changed from HuabiGlobal to Huabi. The Chinese name Huobi based on this name has the ambition to become one of the three major cryptocurrency exchanges again. The other focus of Huobi's overview plan is international expansion and investment. The company plans to establish business in the Caribbean. It said in its announcement that the region is an emerging cryptocurrency center. Last year, Sun Yuchen assumed a new post as Ambassador of Grenada, a Caribbean island country, to the WTO. Since then, he has been called "Your Excellency" in the announcement.

In recent weeks, the Bahamas found itself involved in the FTX of Sam Bankman Fried (SBF, SamBankman Fried), but the spokesperson of Huobi said in the collapse that the FTX dilemma would not damage the broad appeal of the Caribbean as a cryptocurrency enterprise base. "They said:" FTX is poorly managed, but this does not mean that the Caribbean itself is a problem. "The Caribbean region remains an attractive expansion area because they have a strong incentive to build a more decentralized digital financial infrastructure."

In terms of investment, Huobi said that it would increase its investment in Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions where new users can be obtained. Huobi also said that strategic mergers and acquisitions are also under consideration.


The Caribbean is expected to become the center of the global encryption industry. Sun Yuchen and Huoyuan will jointly promote this process. The Caribbean has shown enough openness to the encryption industry, and the incoming encryption companies are seizing the rare opportunity to rapidly promote exploration and practice in their respective fields. Sun Yuchen is undoubtedly a leader. He mentioned in his speech that the development of blockchain and digital economy is an important driving force to deal with the global economic difficulties, and the voice of the encryption industry is transmitted to the highest political stage.