Ten most popular cryptocurrency liquidity pools in 2022

Dec 21,2022
Ten most popular cryptocurrency liquidity pools in 2022

In 2022, liquidity pool will become a new concept in the field of encryption. Cryptographic transactions and liquidity pools are the hottest topics. For example, over time, liquidity pools have become increasingly popular in the field of encryption. However, the lack of knowledge about the best crypto liquidity pool can be a major setback. The following are some of the most famous examples in the 2022 liquidity pool list.


Given its trading volume, Uniswap is one of the most prominent entries in the list of liquidity pools. The decentralized ERC-20 token exchange allows Ethereum and ERC-20 token contracts to be paired 1:1. It allows decentralized transactions between ETH and any other ERC-20 tokens. The fact that Uniswap is an open source exchange gives it a competitive advantage. Without charging any fees, open source transactions may help anyone establish a new liquidity pool for any cryptocurrency.

2. Balancer

The balancer will undoubtedly be the next member in the list of top-level encrypted liquidity pools. The Ethereum based liquidity pool also acts as a price sensor and an unmanaged portfolio manager. Users like the ability to customize the capital pool, and can earn transaction costs by increasing or reducing liquidity. The most prominent feature of the balancer is its modular pool system. It supports various pool options, such as private pool, innovation pool, and public pool.

3. Bankel

Bancor stablecoin is introduced by Bancor Relay liquidity pool, which helps to ease concerns about liquidity fluctuations. Don't confuse it with the balancer. Bancor is one of the top liquidity pools based on Ethereum in 2022. Through smart token and algorithmic market making methods, the platform provides liquidity and precise pricing. Bancor maintains a consistent ratio between all connected tokens, and also implements changes in token provisioning.

4. Curve finance

It is essentially a decentralized liquidity pool based on Ethereum, providing favorable trading conditions for stable capital. Because of the non-volatile stable currency, the certainty of reducing sliding proves the value advantage of curve finance.

5. Convex protocol

The name of Convexity appears on the list of any liquidity pool in 2022. It is also a decentralized liquidity pool, providing interchangeable ERC 20 token option contracts or a broader token base. Users can use this agreement to create mortgage option contracts and sell them as tokens.

6. Diversification

DeversiFi is one of the fastest encrypted liquidity pools. Decentralized unmanaged exchanges provide the highest TPS or trading volume per second, up to 9000 transactions. DeversiFi uses the Layer 2 extension engine to provide this unique transaction speed advantage. DeversiFi's compelling features include support for pooling liquidity pools and close to zero transaction costs due to transaction speed.

The DeversiFi protocol supports public and private cryptocurrency wallets, which are used to deposit funds in native DeversiFi STARKEX smart contracts. Traders can use smart contracts to promote off chain transactions while maintaining balance on the chain. The protocol's local token, or NEC, helps to perform these activities.


The DeFi protocol based on Ethereum works more or less like a DeFi insurer on the chain. KeeperDAO agreement provides financial incentives for participation to achieve effective clearing management. In addition, it rebalances applications across margin trading, exchanges, and loan agreements. Deposits in KeeperDAO's liquidity pool are charged 0.64%, which is deducted from the assets provided in the pool.

The KeeperDAO agreement provides five different liquidity pools to grow ROOK tokens. KeeperDAO and JITU managers use the liquidity provided by five different capital pools to promote fast loans.

8. Cabot Network

Kyber is indeed one of the best liquidity pools in 2022, mainly for better user experience. The on chain liquidity protocol based on Ethereum enables dApps to provide liquidity. Therefore, suppliers and wallets can easily help users to pay, exchange or receive multiple types of tokens in one transaction.

The primary currency of Kaibo Network, namely KNC, plays a crucial role in the liquidity pool. The KNC token is an important highlight of the reward provided by the Kyber network and the governance of the Kyber ecosystem. Therefore, users can use their KNC tokens to participate in the governance of the ecosystem and get returns according to the parameters of the smart contract.

9. OIN Finance

A relatively new name in the top liquidity pool, OIN Finance, has brought some new highlights. The most striking highlight of OIN finance is the underlying ontology blockchain. Interestingly, OIN Finance is the first DeFi solution supported by the blockchain network. Users can explore a wide range of DeFi services in this new liquidity pool. The noteworthy services in the liquidity pool include wallet, stablecoin, lending applications, swapping, and DAO.

The owner of the public utility title of OIN Financial Company can provide liquidity and profits according to the parameters related to the smart contract. Up to now, information about other characteristics of OIN Finance as one of the best liquidity pools is still unknown.


One of the unique highlights of ICTE is the ease of trading between exchanges. ICTE uses the DeFi protocol, which facilitates the connection between cloud based regional exchanges across different blockchain networks. The basic idea of connecting different exchanges with ICTE liquidity pool focuses on reducing security, custody and delay problems. At the same time, ICTE provides all stakeholders and users on the platform with the required liquidity. All exchanges on the ICTE platform operate independently, although they are part of the global ICTE alpha server architecture.


The above content introduces the ten most popular cryptocurrency capital pools this year. Cryptocurrency provides decentralization and eliminates the need for intermediaries such as banks and other financial organizations. In recent years, many breakthroughs in the field of cryptocurrency have introduced a new economy and technology. A new strategy has been found to change the traditional financial system, which is often plagued by various problems.