Top Undervalued Crypto Coins To Invest In January 2023

Jan 05,2023
Top Undervalued Crypto Coins To Invest In January 2023

Who doesn't want to find an undervalued asset? Right!

Finding the best undervalued cryptocurrencies may need substantial research and be challenging. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes all you need is common sense, smart judgement, or long-term vision (as well as a little bit of help).

So let's go deep to uncover crypto assets that are undervalued owing to market conditions and other variables and have the potential to give huge returns in the next bull run.

Look at this list with a long-term perspective. Remember, these assets are not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time for ecosystems to grow and go mainstream, and they come with certain risks (you have been warned).

1. Chain (XCN)

Chain is a cloud blockchain infrastructure that helps businesses build their financial services infrastructure from the ground up.

The Chain Protocol specifies how assets on a blockchain network are issued, transferred, and managed. It enables a single company or a collection of companies to run a network, permits many types of assets to coexist, and is compatible with other independent networks.

Organizations can use Chain's infrastructure to establish and administer a blockchain network, or link to a growing list of other networks.

With a market cap of $258 million, XCN is currently trading at $0.01202. According to Coincodex's technical analysis, XCN is undervalued at the moment. It can be give good returns in the long term, with Coincodex predicting its price to be between $ 0.144714 and $ 0.434572 by 2025 (3,381.57% rise in the best case scenario).

2. Bitcoin Standard Hashrate (BTCST)

BTCST is a token backed by genuine Bitcoin mining power, with each token representing 0.1 TH/s of Bitcoin mining power at a 60 W/TH efficiency.

Its mission is to improve the liquidity and efficiency of the mining power markets. It will provide customers with access to mining rewards and hashpower of any scale at a minimal cost. Staking BTCST allows holders to receive daily Bitcoin contributions equal to the staked mining power.

Users can mine Bitcoin using BTCST from within the decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

BTCST is currently trading at $0.8505. It has been declining for the majority of the last year.BTCST is down by 99.08% from its all-time high of $92.75 as recorded on April 13, 2021. According to the technical analysis of Coincodex, it is undervalued.

Coincodex notes that it is oversold, has high liquidity (based on its market cap), and may soon rise. They predict that the price of BTCST will range between $ 36.39 and $ 109.27 by 2025 (a 9.314.79% increase in the best-case scenario).

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3. Everscale (EVER)

It is a 5th generation layer-1 PoS blockchain network. Everscale is considered one of the most technologically sophisticated blockchain networks available. It includes all of the most modern blockchain developments and concepts.

Everscale's adaptability enables it to grow as a decentralised hub for a variety of blockchains and resource-intensive applications such as GameFi, DeFi, micro-transactions, real-time bidding, and so on. On this network, there is always more capacity to add to accommodate any demand, allowing the network to grow practically endlessly.

EVER is Everscale's native coin that functions as a fee token as well as a governance token.

EVER is currently trading at $0.02524 with a market cap of $48 million. It is down by 98.52% from its ATH of $1.70. According to Coincodex's technical analysis, EVER is oversold and may soon rise. They predict that EVER price would be between $ 0.152813 and $ 0.458894 by 2025 (1,732% rise in the best case scenario). It may even reach $ 1.017964 by 2026, representing a 3,964.36% increase.

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