BabyDogeSwap Boasts Two New Listings: Details

Nov 11,2022
BabyDogeSwap Boasts Two New Listings: Details

Some good news was released from the BabyDog's Twitter account: the memento's dex application has already been launched on two new platforms.

The BabyDogeSnap dex application software has been added to Coin98. Coin98 is a combination of wallet, exchange and DeFi platform. It is also listed on

However, according to the data of CoinMarketCap, the price of the currency has dropped by nearly 6%, and the current buying and selling price is US $0.00000001427.

After a series of recent listings, many data encryption exchanges (ProBit Global and ONUS located in South Korea and Vietnam) have enhanced the application of BabyDoge.

In addition, on Sunday, the Twitter account of meme coin reached 1.7 million fans, reaching an important milestone.