Biggest Dogecoin Holder in World Transfers Enormous 3.8 Billion DOGE to This Address

Dec 21,2022
Biggest Dogecoin Holder in World Transfers Enormous 3.8 Billion DOGE to This Address

The largest Dogecoin Dolphin in the market has been conducting abnormal transactions, transferring funds from your/her first Internet wallet to the fifth largest address in the meme blockchain technology.

In the past 24 hours, the major holders of DOGE transferred nearly 4 billion DOGE worth about 280 million dollars to "DDuXGM". Coincidentally, the address receiving 3.8 billion DOGE is the fifth largest address on the network.

What I see here may be fund management among dolphins, which is not uncommon. However, the transfer of assets from the first largest address to the fifth largest address is likely to imply the objective fact that such wallets belong to the same physical line.

These two addresses are never out of date, and they are constantly conducting certain transactions, which may indicate that at least one address is related to a transaction or OTC service platform where the application wallet is used as a special tool for actual operation.

Market status of Dogecoin

When the price of memetics drops, there are many transactions in the market, which is a bullish signal, because many transactions are generally related to the actual operation of sales. The soaring sales volume of US $300 million is bound to cause another sharp drop, while the holders of DOGE are not necessarily now.

In the past half month, Dogecoin has lost more than 35% of its value. In addition to the main performance of disturbing prices, negative data signals also appear on the asset daily curve: two moving average systems cross in the opposite direction, forming the "death cross" data signal of Dogecoin.

As of the time of submission, the stock price of DOGE was US $0.07, and its value has increased by 4% in the past 24 hours.