Breaking: Visa to Offer Crypto Cards in 40 Countries

Oct 10,2022
Breaking: Visa to Offer Crypto Cards in 40 Countries

Visa, a payment giant, has cooperated with FTX, a global trading center. At this stage, it will provide savings card services in 40 countries and regions, mainly in South America, Asia and Europe. The card is already available abroad and linked to the customer's FTX account.

The important product selling point of mobile phone cards is that they can sell assets without going through a sad conversion process, which generally leads to huge expenses. If the assets are not removed from the trading center, investors will not pay any additional fees and will not go through the whole process of waiting for the transaction to occur.

Considering the existing sales market standards, the behavior of payment giants seems unusual. The chief operating officer of Visa indicated that although some assets have decreased, they have seen their interest in the stability of encryption algorithms and put long-term concerns here. This partnership will be announced when BTC has just kept above the price threshold of 20000 dollars and has lost nearly 60% of its value since November.

In the past few months, Visa has been actively cooperating with enterprises related to data encryption. The enterprise joined the FTX competitors Coinbase and Binance and became one of the few partners of the top three exchanges in the field.

During the prevalence of NFT in the market, Visa collaborated with Bakkt to enable customers and merchants to provide data encryption services.

Considering the usefulness of BTC and other digital currencies, FTX CEO noticed the irony in all the partnerships. This digital currency was originally tailored to circumvent banks or payment enterprises similar to Visa. However, he was glad that traditional financial investment companies were accepting the application of new technology rather than resisting it for no reason.