Brother Sun's fire must be registered with Dominic Digital Identity Analysis

Dec 27,2022
Brother Sun's fire must be registered with Dominic Digital Identity Analysis

According to the World Chain Financial News, if anyone in the currency circle has the best marketing ability, it is Sun Ge. No matter what major events happen, Sun can get hot spots, and eventually either make a lot of money or get a wave of popularity and exposure. From this perspective, no one can be surprised.

After the rumor of negotiating with SBF to acquire FTX recently spread, Sun's Huo Coin was also renamed Huobi, and then jointly registered with Dominica for Dominica's digital identity. While attracting everyone's attention, Huobi began to plan to launch the Dominic Digital Currency DMC, stipulating that only HT can buy it, so that HT can be enabled. Dominic's digital identity also gives power to other financial industries. In this way, domestic users cannot register cryptocurrency exchanges. I have to say that Brother Sun's contacts and abilities are indeed worthy of affirmation.

On the registration page required for fire, you can see the prompt to apply for becoming a digital citizen of Dominica. That is, after you have registered the account required for fire, you will complete the account required for fire and become a digital citizen of Dominica after completing L1 certification. As Brother Sun said, there are certain restrictions on the use of digital passports or digital citizenship in Palau and Estonia. If immigration is not allowed, this is equivalent to suggesting that everyone can immigrate with digital citizenship in Dominica. Although this needs to be confirmed, the atmosphere is full. Once they stop using fire coins and start to return, they can even register higher.

Digital identity may be a topic that many people are unfamiliar with. It can be traced back to the Kingdom of Great Britain in 2015. In fact, it is a land with unclear sovereignty between Croatia and Slovenia. Then the Poles announced on the land that the dog coin, as the legal currency of the country, has its own official website, and appointed several government officials, including the Foreign Minister. Of course, This country has not been recognized by the United Nations and neighboring countries, and is recognized as an Internet self entertainment event, but it has attracted widespread attention in cryptocurrency, and many crypto fans have begun to apply for the country's digital identity.

After Venezuela issued oil coins in 2017, many small countries began to realize that the cryptocurrency economy may bring them new development directions. Therefore, after several years of waiting and watching, Palau, Estonia and other countries have also started to try to issue digital identity. However, such digital identity generally has certain restrictions. It cannot be used as a real passport or identity document and can only be used for certain specific purposes.

Therefore, Dominica is also motivated to issue digital identities to rich cryptocurrency holders in some countries to attract their attention to the country, and even to develop the economy through local investment. Dominica is a Caribbean island country in Central America. Its economic development is underdeveloped, mainly in agriculture. Its per capita income will be 14000 dollars in 2022 and 19000 dollars in 2021. Its economic development depends on the United States and other large countries. Under the current global economic situation, it has a relatively large impact. Of course, the author guesses that it may also be the case in Palau, Estonia and other countries. Opening digital identity applications is also an income channel.

We also found on the Internet that the threshold of Dominic immigrant passports is not very high. As long as you donate $100000 or purchase local designated property of more than $200000 for a certain period of time, you can obtain them. At the same time, the cost performance of Dominic passports is relatively high. If you directly sign contracts with more than 130 countries, you will also have better conditions for children's education. For example, if you apply to the international departments of some domestic universities, Dominic citizens will receive zero tax on overseas assets, So it is also very attractive.

Although Dominica's own immigration passport is really attractive, it can't be wasted because it is cheap, so we think Sun Brotherhood must give Dominica's digital identity basically unlikely to have the above functions. After all, the threshold for registration itself is not high, so the rights and interests are naturally limited. I guess it may be limited to exchanges that can register several platforms. If you have more imagination, you may be able to increase the functions of local bank cards, Other charges may be limited to prevent the proliferation of Dominica passports and affect the rights and interests of vested stakeholders. After all, others can only send 100000 dollars or invest 200000 dollars. If you can enjoy this privilege without spending a penny, it is not a mess.

Through the comparison and analysis of Palau's digital identity, we can find that Palau's digital identity is basically limited. Therefore, it is unlikely to consider whether the digital identity can have the same function as the real passport identity.

Of course, Brother Sun's stunt did make a lot of money, but he didn't explain in detail on some key points. That is to say, I will introduce to you first, such as sending Dominica's digital identity, and then start to implement it. You can register directly, and then you will find that, as he said, you can obtain the digital identity of Dominica. Then he will give you enough time to register, and then issue Dominic Digital Currency DMC. It is not clear what this digital currency is for, but at this time, the public's digital currency is not very clear. FOMO's mentality has come out and they are getting on the bus.

As for what happens after getting on the bus, this is the most important thing. After all, you have put your assets on fire. Some people will be too lazy to transfer to other exchanges, so they will leave some funds. As for the passport and DMC mentioned above, the usage will probably not be explained in detail. Like the current Palau digital identity, except for a few simple uses, there are not many application scenarios, and the official has not yet further enabled them. In addition, the access threshold is low, so we guess it may only be used to register the exchange account. For old chives mixed in the encryption circle, registering an exchange is a basic operation, which is not difficult at all. Even if it is difficult, users need not worry about it, because it is something the exchange should worry about, such as Huobi. After the domestic users quit, everyone had corresponding alternatives. Huobi started to lag behind until it found a solution to the registration problem.


Although Sun Brothers has strong marketing ability, for himself, he once participated in three projects of Sun Brothers, which resulted in a loss. Although it is not much, it is also a lesson. Many people also say that it is difficult to make money from Sun Brothers, and they also have profound experience. So even though there may be some opportunities this time, they still do not plan to participate. There are many opportunities in the currency circle, and I believe that they miss Sun Brothers' activities, We should not break our thighs. After all, we have missed too much since the bull market.