Cardano Distributed 16,164 ADA to 217 in Only One Transaction, Here's How

Oct 10,2022
Cardano Distributed 16,164 ADA to 217 in Only One Transaction, Here's How
  • Largest single ADA transmission
  • Popular anti Cardano narrative
  • ADA sales

Cardano and the founder of IOG, a mathematician and data encryption billionaire Charles Hoskinson shared a screenshot of a huge transaction successfully conducted based on Cardano's extended UTXO model.

He boasted that 16164 ADA tokens were issued to 217 holders in one transaction. The cost is as low as 0.78173 ADA.

It used this case to criticize those reformers who claimed that the system could not extend the model.

Largest single ADA transmission

According to Hoskinson's sharing of screenshots on the Twitter page, Reddit posted that the transaction was ended by a Cardano based NFT project named Space Pugs Alpha.

The creators of Reddit show that such transactions will be carried out on the Cardano chain every day according to the extended UTXO (eUTXO) model.

Popular anti Cardano narrative

UTXO is the model used by BTC and Ethernet currency chain. Cardano went further and created an extended UTXO model. It is applicable to more infectious authentication script production methods, mainly including the script production of applying for mandatory invariants across all transaction management chains.

Now there is a widespread anti Cardano argument in the login password industry that the eUTXO model cannot accommodate several transactions in the blockchain.

In the original tweet released by Hoskinson a week ago, Cardano "has to cross mountains and rivers every year", but its enemies continue to strictly implement it on Twitter, which is not easy for the Internet developers to give. Hoskinson continued to reply to this accusation, but the haters did not seem to fade away.

ADA sales

Although ADA still ranks among the top ten in market value, its recent performance is not so exciting. In August of last year, ADA soared in the market. At that time, the price of Bitcoin was much higher.

As a result, the rise of ADA, which many people expect, is likely to depend to some extent on flagship digital currency, as is the case with other altcoins.

At the time of writing, ADA was changing hands at a price of 0.4282 US dollars per CoinMarketCap.