Cardano Founder Feels Left Out as Coinbase Report Fails to Mention ADA

Dec 22,2022
Cardano Founder Feels Left Out as Coinbase Report Fails to Mention ADA

After Coinbase released its 2023 sales market outlook report, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of blockchain company Input Output, felt that the largest cryptocurrency trading center in the United States had overlooked one of the most promising projects in this field: Cardano. Hoskinson wrote in a tweet: "Nobody mentioned Simano. It's low and sad. I really hope it will be better.".

Rick McCracken, the equity pool network operator and project manager of DripDropz, felt that after some Twitter users gradually half jokingly discussed the grand conspiracy to suppress Cardano, this neglect was not intentional

This 57 page report covers topics such as Ether update, L1/L2 landscape, BTC mining, stable coins, irreplaceable tokens and BTC mining

Coinbase paid attention in its report. Because of a series of failures, the confidence of cryptocurrency has already wavered. In addition, the report also mentioned that the collapse of FTX resulted in the limitation of liquidity.

However, there is a glimmer of hope. The report added that, with the existence of such a testing living environment, cryptocurrency has long been separated from its speculative origin, and now it has brought fertile land for the breakthrough of asset category

Looking ahead to 2023, it is estimated that three key themes will be the core cryptocurrency sales market in the coming year: exploring high-quality investors of high-quality assets, opportunities and challenges brought by creative destruction, and general reform and innovation that will usher in a new market cycle