Co-founder of Crypto Firm Amber Group Dies at 30

Nov 28,2022
Co-founder of Crypto Firm Amber Group Dies at 30

The founder of Amber Group, a $3 billion cryptocurrency company, died every day. He was 30

brownpublishHe died in an announcement on the platform on Friday

The statement said Kurande died unexpectedly in his deep sleep on Wednesday. Hubo wrote: "His death was a misfortune. Our own thoughts and prayers were with his family."

This cryptocurrency company that provides users with liquidity and market making services shows that Kurande is the "support" for success. Amber said, "At every stage of the company's transformation, he dedicated his money to the company."

Before starting Amber Group together in 2018, Kurande once worked as a trader in Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. At the beginning of 2022, after obtaining the equity financing of US $200 million led by Temasek, a Malaysian state-owned enterprise, this cryptocurrency start-up company has a valuation of US $3 billion. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Amber is now negotiating to raise another 100 million dollars

In 2019, he was published in Forbes magazine under 30, which is also a group of famous people under 30, and published by Forbes every year