Here's How Much Dogecoin Now Held by Robinhood: Details

Oct 11,2022
Here's How Much Dogecoin Now Held by Robinhood: Details

According to the Twitter account @ DogeWhaleAlert, the total amount of Dogecoin held by the stock brokerage application Robinhood on behalf of investors at this stage is 40508384607 DOGE, or 2518365763 US dollars, accounting for 29.7% of the commodity circulation supply.

It is reported that the elite team of Dogecoin has debunked the myth that dolphins or "individual investors" own 30% of the supply of Dogecoin. It emphasized that many top Dogecoin wallets are cold wallets or hot wallets controlled by the trading center and artist brokers, so they represent the thousands of people detained in Dogecoin.

Dogecoin developers handle rumors

In the past few years, a concept that frequently appears in the R&D process of Dogecoin is that it is very likely that the interest relationship verification will eventually replace the work unit verification. Dogecoin Core Developer color x pointed out that in a recent online article.

He has determined that at this stage, there is no established intention or suggestion to go against the implementation confirmation of the work used by Dogecoin. He fabricated lies. At this stage, there is no reason to believe that all prediction and analysis, that is, this will happen forever, or there may be a deadline. He added: "It is irresponsible to make other suggestions explicitly. If this happens, the core developers should understand and should be transparent and immediate about it."

Mishaboar, a Twitter account with the Dogecoin community as the core, reported the latest news of Dogecoin Core R&D provided by Patrick Lodder. He pointed out that 1.14.7 may be released this year, 1.21 may be released in March 2023, and Doge may take this into account in the future.

It is reported that the latest core upgrade version 1.14.6 of Dogecoin will be released in July 2022.