How did the Aptos public chain become popular overnight? Is Aptos worth investing in?

Dec 16,2022
How did the Aptos public chain become popular overnight? Is Aptos worth investing in?

Aptos is an extensible Layer1 blockchain, which uses the consensus of proof of interest and combines the new smart contract programming language Move. With the release of the main website of Aptos and its airdrop of APT, this project has suddenly gained fame in the currency circle discussion area. So, what is Aptos? Why does it become popular overnight? Is it worth investing? Next, let's have a look.

What is Aptos (APTOS)?

Aptos is a new independent public chain project established in 2021. It is a first layer public chain dedicated to reliability and scalability. The Aptos team is composed of Diem's creators, researchers, designers and builders. In fact, most of the members are former Meta (Facebook) employees. Aptos uses Meta's self-developed programming language Move. Aptos claims that it is developing the next generation of the first public chain, which can use its parallel execution module to solve more than 130,000 transactions per second.


Aptos is an expandable Layer1 blockchain. It uses the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, integrates the new smart contract programming language "Move", and uses parallel computing to solve transactions. The goal is to theoretically achieve 100000 transactions per second (TPS). BTW, Bitcoin's TPS is about 7 to 15, and Ethereum 1.0 is about 15 to 17.

As the "orphan" of Meta (formerly Facebook) who tried to build Libra, a digital currency project, Aptos inherited Libra's vision of becoming a blockchain for millions of encrypted users in the future.

The key to Aptos is to provide a scalable, secure and reliable blockchain. Therefore, Aptos depends on a new smart contract language, Move, which is more "secure" than the current Ethereum "gold standard" Solidity. Naturally, Aptos is not the first to establish itself as a "scalable, secure and reliable" L1 blockchain. Other L1, especially Solana, have tried to use it as their slogan in the past, and have also achieved some success.

Aptos made waves in the currency market for the first time in March this year. At that time, Aptos raised $200 million in the seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), an American venture capital company. In July this year, Aptos also raised $150 million in round A capital raising led by FTX Ventures and JumpCrypto, with a pre transaction valuation of $1.9 billion.

Two months later, the venture capital fundraising led by BinanceLabs, a venture capital and innovation incubation organization under King'an, made the valuation of Aptos reach $4 billion.

It is worth noting that Aptos did all this before the main online line on October 17. For the initial users of the revenue test network and the fair distribution of the first batch of currencies, Aptos airdropped 150 APT (worth about 1237 dollars at the time of sale) to 11235 qualified addresses. According to CoinGecko data, Aptos has a market value of about 9.2 billion dollars after thorough dilution.

Recently, this project suddenly gained fame in the currency market discussion area, because Aptos airdropped APT to the participants of the initial testing network, creating a rare rich legend in the bear market. Users who have completed the Aptos Encouragement Test Network application or forged the NFT of the test network are qualified to apply for currency. Many woolen parties and scientists on the network use hundreds of accounts to apply for the test network. It is said that each account of the test network can take 300 currencies. There are 150 currencies forged in the NFT, and they can directly "graduate from the currency market" by obtaining 100 or 1000 accounts.

Is Aptos worth investing in?

When we look back on the development of the public chain, there are many successful cases.

In 2017, when ICO broke out, Ethereum was the biggest winner.

2018 is the era of the public chain, when IOTA, NEO, ETC, NEM, BSV, EOS, etc. were built. Among them, IOTA has achieved the greatest success, with a return on investment of 1000 times.

In 2021, Solona, Terra, and AVAX will open a new era of layer1 blockchain based on the chain game, NFT, and DeFi, with growth rates ranging from dozens to more than 100 times.

But after a short time, most projects are going downhill. Why? Because of technological progress, a new blockchain may replace the old blockchain. For Aptos, because it is more advanced in reliability and scalability, and attracts venture capital institutions, it is likely to have certain potential. Therefore, for retail investors, if you can obtain low-cost APTOS in the secondary market, or participate in some projects built on Aptos at the early stage, you will have the opportunity to gain some profits. However, Layer1 blockchain is for developers, and the development of the ecosystem is always accompanied by uncertainty, so it is uncertain whether it will achieve great success in the long run.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of why Aptos became popular overnight and whether it is worth investing. In general, Aptos is a new public chain that people are looking forward to, and there is an opportunity to bring you a better ecology. Therefore, the development of Aptos is worth paying attention to. Generally, the release of new public chains will bring a lot of benefits. In addition, there is a good opportunity to obtain Aptos coins through encouraging testing activities. However, the editor also reminds investors that investment also comes with certain risks. Before entering the site, you should have a comprehensive understanding and not blindly follow the trend.