How do novices play chain games? How to choose the chain tour project?

Dec 03,2022
How do novices play chain games? How to choose the chain tour project?

In the past, I have introduced to you what is chain game. Chain game is a blockchain game, which is called GameFi in English. Blockchain game combines games with finance, which simply means to show decentralized financial products through games. However, there are still some novice players who do not know how to play chain games. Then, let's follow the small editor to have a look.

How do novices play chain games?

1. Learn to surf the Internet scientifically

Chain tour is almost a foreign project. Sometimes the network we use cannot browse their websites or download their apps. At this time, we should learn to surf the Internet scientifically.

If the PC can't open the official game website, you need to open the scientific online software

If Android phones cannot download mobile games apps, you must first install the Google 3 package in Android phones and go to Google App Store to download. As a novice customer, all overseas mobile phone apps should be downloaded from Google Store as much as possible, and those with unknown origin should not be downloaded as much as possible.

If you are an iPhone user, please register an overseas ID or Hong Kong ID.

2. Application of encrypted wallet

All chain games use encrypted wallets. Because the money you invest in or get from the game (the money here refers to virtual currency) must be spent and deducted according to the encrypted wallets, so you must learn to use digital wallets. All wallets are different for games on different public chains.

Ethereum, Matic, BSC and other public chains mainly use matemask wallets. At present, 80% of the chain tour projects are on these public chains.

The games on the wax public chain can only use the wax wallet, representing AlienWorlds and Farmers World.

The key to the game on Solana is to use the solflare wallet

Matemask can only be used in Google Browser and Firefox, and cannot be used in domestic browsers. Android phones must download Google's three piece suite before downloading. You must use a foreign ID or a Hong Kong ID to receive an Apple phone in the app store.

Now there are some fraudsters who counterfeit official download packages or embed viruses in programs to steal the property in your digital wallet. Therefore, when downloading a wallet, you must go to the official download, and do not trust others. There are more fraudsters in the digital currency industry than in other industries, so be careful.

3. How to obtain virtual currency

Digital currency is the key to open the chain game. To enter the chain game field, you need to have virtual currency first. Different chain games require different virtual currencies. Because of the domestic policy, it is more and more difficult to buy virtual currency nowadays. You need to study the purchase channels. But remember not to be cheated. It is convenient for those who have overseas savings cards or international credit cards to purchase, but it is more difficult for those who do not have them. New players generally go to the exchange to purchase, and then transfer to the digital wallet.

4. Application of overseas We Media

The following self media accounts are required for playing the chain game:

Google account: Google related products need to be used

Telegram: an important communication group of the chain tour project

Discord account: YGG, the largest association of chain games, manages its members by discord community. Each project party of chain games has its own discord.

Twitter: the main information release platform of the project party, including game upgrading, activities, airdrop, white list, etc

5. Public chain knowledge

Chain tour mainly focuses on the following public chains: Ethereum, BSC, MATIC (Polygon), WAX, Solana, etc. In particular, Ethereum is an aristocratic chain, because its service fees are very expensive. The handling fees for each transaction range from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. It is a choice for those who are rich or expensive. The service fees on other public chains are much cheaper. BSC is the public chain with the most applications of chain games. You need to master the wallet application and use on each chain.

6. Chain travel threshold

There is a certain threshold for playing chain games, which costs from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. At the early stage of the project, blind boxes are usually pre ordered. The box can provide the necessary props or NFT for the game. If you can get the blind box, you can add the game at the first time, and basically ensure that you will not lose money. But there is also a risk, that is, whether the game can go online. Therefore, we must do more homework in the early stage, and do not participate in any hyena project.

It is suggested that Mengxin should explore the chain game industry from the following games or above:

Splinterlands: the threshold for entry is 10 dollars, which is highly playable and one of the most popular chain tours

Thetanarena: a moba game, which can use free characters. It will be profitable to complete daily tasks and participate in ranking competitions. However, the profits of free characters are very small. The NFT characters officially released are very profitable and suitable for practice.

ARC8: There is no threshold. According to the multi player event, you can get token rewards. You must get active points to participate in the event. Active points are obtained according to the task, which is suitable for practice.

How to choose the chain tour project?

1. Whether the team is high-quality:The threshold of chain tour is not high, just one developer can. Therefore, high-quality development team and design is a very important reason to measure the long-term development of the project. axie's ability to persist for so long is inseparable from its professional ability.

2. Investment institution:Projects with investment institutions are the first choice for retail investors. As organized recitation shows that the project has certain strength, the organization will play a role in marketing in the later stage

3. Currency distribution:The less coins the project party has, the better; the less coins the big family has, the better; and the less coins the private placement has, the better. These can be seen from the observation of the BSC contract address.

4. Community activity:The more followers of tweet+electric bao+dis, the better. Many projects will be airdropped before the release of dex. This is why many projects have more fans when they are online, but some of them are deliberately swiped. You should learn to identify them.

5. Return period:The fewer the return period, the better.

The first step is to look at the address, the second step is to look at the community, the third step is to study back to the current cycle, and the fourth step is to look at the team and investment institutions. The above four steps are the basic process of the webmaster's own research on the chain tour project, the most important of which is the community. You can see what everyone is discussing in the community, and you know that this project is worth buying. If you are talking about how to layout and invest, then the probability is a good project. If you are talking about how to attract people, and the probability is pyramid selling, then avoid it!

Speaking of this, I believe that we have a certain understanding of how novices play the chain game and how to choose the chain game project. In general, Xiao Bian also reminds investors that although chain games are favored by many players, they cannot avoid some risks. Therefore, when choosing chain games, you can choose a chain game that is suitable for you according to the methods mentioned above. Don't follow the trend blindly.