Is the profit of fil mining high? What is the input cost of fil mining?

Oct 21,2022
Is the profit of fil mining high? What is the input cost of fil mining?

Speaking of fil, it is still quite famous, and there are many people in the market who want to invest in fil. We all know that if you want to invest in fil, there are two options, one is to directly buy and sell fil coins from the secondary market, the other is to arrange mining machines and directly produce coins. Therefore, recently, some new investors have also inquired about whether the profit of fil mining is high? How much does it cost? Then, let's follow Xiao Bian.

Is fil mining profitable?

First of all, from the experience of previous blockchain projects, due to insufficient competition in mining at the initial stage, the input-output rate of mining at the early stage is the highest, which is the dividend period as described by industry insiders. In addition, different from other blockchain projects, Filecoin is sure to be the only certificate project in the industry, which means that in addition to the block rewards generated by mining itself, miners can also generate profits by providing storage and retrieval later, which means that it is a project worth long-term investment.

However, because of the particularity of Filecoin network, its economic model system will be more complex than previous blockchain projects, involving punishment and mortgage mechanisms. Therefore, the application of family mining machines like BTC is doomed to fail in Filecoin.

All Filecoin mining machines must be hosted in a professional IDC machine room. At the same time, professional operation and maintenance personnel must be on call to repair the shortcomings of software and hardware. Otherwise, the Filecoin network will forfeit the FIL pledged in the early stage, and in serious cases, it will be able to clear all the investment in the early stage. This means that although Filecoin's profit is high, the threshold is also high, and mining can only be carried out by professional miners.

As a decentralized storage Internet, IPFS/Filecoin is the incentive layer of IPFS. According to IPFS/Filecoin, people who do not use computer hard disk resources in various countries can talk to people with storage needs, and create a decentralized storage Internet under the premise of economic globalization.

FIL coin mining input cost

Previously, we built a separate filecoin node to purchase a full set of cluster servers, including node units, encapsulation units, verification units, storage clusters, network devices, and so on. The packaging machine combination proves that the units are collectively called computing machines, and the cost accounts for a large proportion. At present, there are a lot of idle computing power in the market. The method of renting computing machines is the mainstream practice at this stage because of its low overall cost.

Therefore, the cost composition of the new computing power of the separate Filecoin node is as follows: hardware procurement cost+hosting cost+computing machine rental cost+gas cost. Taking the independent node of 1PB computing force as an example, the details of each part are as follows:

hardware configuration

Hardware configuration includes node units, storage machines, switches, etc., and the price of hardware configuration on the market varies from good to bad. The quality of hardware will affect the stability of the cluster, and ultimately affect profitability.

Here, according to the requirements of independent nodes of 1PB computing power, and considering the quality of equipment, it can be estimated that the overall price of servers that must be purchased by themselves for 1PB computing power is about 750000 yuan (including 1 group of node machines, 3 36 panel storage machines, switches, firewalls, etc.)

Computer room trusteeship fee

There is no uniform standard for IDC room hosting fees in various cities, which is about 3000-6000 yuan/cabinet/month. Here we take the average value of 4500 yuan/cabinet/month, and the network fee is about 1000 yuan/month.

Generally, 1 PB of computing power can only be achieved by one single node and one cabinet, and the annual cost is about 5500 * 12=66000 yuan

Computer rental fee

Taking 32GB sector as an example, there is a big difference in the current market price. In the range of 300-600 yuan/T, we take the median value of 450 yuan/T for calculation (only with increasing computing power, there is no such cost if there is no growth). Then the cost of 1 PB is about 450000 yuan (450 * 1024TB ≈ 450000 yuan)

External pledge

According to the information on July 1, 2021, the pledged currency is 6.5FIL/T sector, and about 6600 1PB of calculable pledged currency are required (this item can be used as property, not included in the cost, and will be returned in full after the completion of the sector's life cycle)

Gas fee

The gas fee is a variable amount. Taking July 2 as an example, the cost of the new gas fee is about 0.001 FIL/T, which is almost negligible.

Therefore, we can calculate that the input cost of the Filecoin node of 1PB computing power is 750000 yuan (hardware configuration)+450000 yuan (computing machine leasing)+66000 yuan (computer room hosting fee)=1266000 yuan

It shows that the gas cost of Filecoin mainly comes from the spatio-temporal verification of P2 (PreCommitSector) and C2 (ProveCommitSector) and their maintaining computing power when adding computing power. After the computing power no longer increases, the proportion of gas cost proved by time and space every day is extremely low, which can be basically ignored.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of the high profit of fil mining and the cost of fil mining. In general, when mining in fil, we should pay attention to the server hardware, which affects the miners' income. We also know that the demand for mining machine hardware in the entire network is quite high today, especially for CPU regulations, such as poor mining machine characteristics, then the probability of miners getting orders will be affected. If the mining machine cannot submit the copy certificate within the effective time due to the mining machine's performance limitations, Then the network will regard it as a bad node and punish it.