MASK Token Rising Massively, and Reason Might Surprise You

Dec 03,2022
MASK Token Rising Massively, and Reason Might Surprise You

MASK token has always been one of the most mysterious projects in the market. After the acquisition of Twitter, it has won a lot of attention, which is partly due to Zhao Changpeng's support for Elon Musk.

As early as the beginning of November, Binance released the "Bluebird Index", mainly including some well-known brands in the digital currency industry: BNB, DOGE and MASK. The index value prominently lists Twitter's bluebird logo. But MASK's blessing is not as significant as that of DOGE and BNB.

However, if we take a look at the official website of Mask, it is a browser extension that can also integrate data encryption services on platforms that do not or partially support it. The expansion supports such services as station fee, NFT interaction, detailed address exchange, etc.

Mask may become the premise for the original integration of digital currency on the Internet in the future. Taking full account of many technical problems and inconvenience in application expansion, the Mask team may develop a design solution that can promote the integration of Web3 functionality on the software, but it will not become an existing solution.

Some experts pointed out that Musk may surprise investors in the future, especially the potential blockchain technicalization of Twitter. According to the main performance of the token price, it seems that more investors have seen the development potential of this project as an official part of one of the world's largest social platforms.

Yesterday, MASK tokens worth more than 600000 dollars were settled; 98% of tokens are short order information. Such a high amount of short settlement only shows one thing: many customers in the market are prepared to squeeze the pressure of selling in any way in advance to obtain an open token.