NFT discoverability dilemma, how to reach target users?

Dec 22,2022
NFT discoverability dilemma, how to reach target users?

If you know what NFT you want, OpenSea is a good trading market. You can find the thing you are interested in NFT and trade it with a few clicks. OpenSea is usually the place with the best liquidity. The following content will answer for you.

1、 If you know what NFT you want?

If you know what NFT you want, OpenSea is a good trading market. You can find the thing you are interested in NFT and trade it with a few clicks. OpenSea is usually the place with the best liquidity. But OpenSea is not the best place for traders and collectors to hang out and discover the latest and most fashionable NFT together. The most popular series with the highest sales volume will appear on the user's homepage to attract our attention, but I am not interested in almost 99% of them and have no personality for users.

Another obvious sign: a large number of OpenSea sales are done through Blur, Gem and other NFTs, not through the main website. In order to obtain the most favorable price, the user behavior in the market is very speculative. In Web2. large technology companies make it easy to find. No matter where we go, we will continue to receive advertisements for various products or services, attracting money and time for our hard work. Instagram T-shirts, pet toys, and even postural orthotics were purchased in advertisements (a small device attached to your back that vibrates when you are listless).

A large amount of user data is captured and provided through machine learning algorithm learning algorithm: we are using machine learning algorithm Instagram to record every click on each side and every search on Google. Their algorithms are constantly improving, so they often know what we want better than we do.

2、 Find what they want in NFT and Web3?

How can we more easily help people find what they want in NFT and the Web in 3? Some ideas: decentralized identity and verifiable evidence enrich personal image, which can not only be used as financial value transfer, but also as information source on the data analysis chain. POAP means your history of participating in support activities; If you collect it; IRL concert POAP, which means that you can be excited about music NFT, and then you will receive suggestions for your favorite existing and upcoming NFT.

Existing brands will lead the trend. Each brand has its own Web3 3. development path, which is inevitable. In the 1990s, people believed that only news media companies needed to access the Internet, and it was inconceivable that companies or individuals had their own websites. The same is true of Web3.

Brands participate in Web3. Develop and gradually base on the NFT of physical and digital products. They can establish a connector between wallet and consumer data. Once the social maps of these brands are formed on the chain, customer preferences can be more widely obtained on the chain. Over time, it will be easier to determine what people want, but we will have to use creative methods to overcome privacy problems.

Social mapping protocols that control Web users will be very valuable. They will even become the king of the new Internet era, similar to today's Google and Apple. I am optimistic that we will not only rebuild these giants here in Web3, but also build these networks more decentralized, fair and transparent.

3、 What is the unique taste in reality? Let's see what the unique appreciation is in reality?

Infrastructure and applications around identity and social interaction are more like a vision of the future. The pace of progress will continue to rise slowly, and gradual improvement and innovation will erupt. Obviously, it will take enough time to mature. At the same time, we continue to rely on unique appreciation to determine what is cultural; What is today's fashion; We should buy more because Meme is the desire of desire for each of us.

Our favorite influencers, such as Gary Vee, Kevin Rose, Vincent VanDough and DC DCInvestor, play an important role in our choice. They can change their personal photos; In their photos; The Twitter banner contains NFT or refers directly to specific NFT. It is well deserved that good taste comes from domain knowledge, experience and performance record. But avoid liars.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. We have built communities around influential people and people with similar interests, and designed NFT based on common beliefs. Web competition is meaningless in their territory. For example, in the short term, no one is likely to create a more powerful recommendation algorithm than TikTok.


To sum up, today's influential marketing of Web3 and NFT is very effective. We have no good alternative to improve discoverability. We are moving forward with our favorite community weapons and unique appreciation. NFT can not only provide liquidity carrier for assets, but also be used as various physical assets and digital assets. In terms of business, there are many opportunities in the supply chain and retail fields. They break the public's prejudice against their lack of practical use with their diversified application scenarios and rich functional features.