Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Calls XRP “The Most Useless Pump-and-Dump Scheme”

Dec 27,2022
Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Calls XRP “The Most Useless Pump-and-Dump Scheme”

A violent argumentAlready broke outBetween Craig Wright, the self proclaimed founder of Bitcoin, and David Schwartz, Ripple's chief technology officer. Two people argued about the rationality and legality of XRP, a digital currency related to Ripple Labs, a blockchain company

When Schwartz accused Wright of the viewpoint chosen by Bitcoin, the trading center officially started. Satoshi, who calls himself Satoshi, then retaliated against Ripple's CTO, accusing him of ignorance in the financial industry, legal framework, organizational investment banks and Bitcoin.

As the tension gradually increased, Wright declared that the enterprise had implemented a "meaningless plan of fetching water and dumping". He wrote on Twitter: "Later, he formulated XRP... which is also the most meaningless pump and data archiving plan in the whole market.".

SchwartzHe thinks that Wright has misused the legal system to steal patents, and stigmatizes those who do not want his opinions on Bitcoin. Ripple's management criticized Tim as a "despicable weakling", and he filed a lawsuit to share his views

As a reply to this accusation, Wright insisted that all his accusations should be applied with factual evidence, otherwise they would be called defamation.

Later, the debate revolved aroundXRP EnterpriseWright scolded Ripple for not showing how his theory was deployed everywhere except for paying for trial

Wright then dares to claim that he plans to clearly put forward a "XRP academic analysis" in 2023, "which will show how bad the system is."Will loseFor Foreign Stock Exchange Federation