Singapore’s Largest Bank DBS Introduces Crypto Trading Services For Its Accredited Wealth Clients

Sept 24,2022
Singapore’s Largest Bank DBS Introduces Crypto Trading Services For Its Accredited Wealth Clients
  • DBS financial institutions have launched a feature function that allows verification capital customers to explore cryptocurrency transactions based on DDEx.
  • The following machinery and equipment were previously limited to DBS enterprises, investors, offices of big family investment and wealth management companies, private clients of DBS and individual clients of DBS Capital.

DBS Group Holdings Limited, the largest bank in Malaysia, recently launched cryptocurrency trading to its rich VIPs and customers based on the company's DBS Digital Bank.

DBS Financial Institution Launches Data Encryption Transaction Service Project to Its Rich Customers

DBS Malaysia launched a new cryptocurrency trading role for its high-end customer base. The system will adopt DBS Data Exchange (DDEx) of DBS Digibank to provide unimpeded cryptocurrency trading services to qualified customers.

According to the official announcement, DDEx, also known as DBS Digital Bank, is described as the first data exchange in the world encouraged by the bank, enabling wealthy customers to freely and easily feel the seamless splicing of cryptocurrency transactions. Qualified investors in DBS Treasure market segment, which Bloomberg News called VIP private data encryption exchange, can now browse and trade four key cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Bitcoin cash, Ether and XRP, through the company's DDEx equipment. In addition, investors can freely trade and practice a variety of cryptocurrencies with a minimum investment of $500.

"From a minimum total investment of $500, certified capital customers can seamlessly splice and trade four more mature cryptocurrencies (BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and XRP) on DDEx. The cryptocurrency they hold together with other asset configurations of DBS digibank also makes it easier for customers to grasp the traditional and replace the investment in asset classes." Added after statement

DBS Capital is positioned as one of the most complex bank programs launched by the enterprise to comply with its capital customer composition. To become a valuable customer of DBS Bank, customers often need to deposit management method assets (AUM) worth 350000 dollars. In addition, treasure customers must spend at least $20000 on DBS and POSB cards every year to upgrade and repair their rights.

The statement also added that the role of data encryption transactions in DDEx was previously limited to companies and investors, offices of big family investment and wealth management companies and their DBS Private Bank and personal customers of DBS Capital. However, with the implementation of this new measure, the financial institution is now expanding its business scope, further enabling qualified investors of DBS Treasure Collection to browse a variety of data encryption transaction services of DDEx.

At this stage, 100000 customers in Malaysia have the right to browse the DDEx service projects launched by the DBS digital currency ecosystem. The statement then added that the launch of the service fully took into account the increasing number of rich customers of DBS financial institutions.

The statement said: "The introduction of the data encryption transaction function coincides with the time when more and more capital customers of DBS financial institutions choose independent stock index futures. At this stage, there are 9 out of 10 stock transactions to be implemented by data method."

In addition, DBS Bank's data encryption products reliably elaborated the influencing factors related to reliability and convenience, to ensure that its investors and customers get the feeling of seamless splicing cryptocurrency transactions.

Photo: DBS Financial Institution/Twitter