The best crypto investment strategy for long and short term goals

Dec 12,2022
The best crypto investment strategy for long and short term goals

What is the best long -term or short -termtarget cryptocurrency investment strategy? Cryptocurrencies have become anemerging asset category and investment project. As Bitcoin is widely used as apayment method, it has become an indispensable type of investment portfolio.Before considering investment in cryptocurrencies, you should consider importantfactors such as encrypted investment prospects and volatility. At the sametime, you should also formulate an investment strategy that suits you. Do youwant to invest in long -term or short -term investment? In this article, let'slearn more about cryptocurrency investment and best cryptocurrency investmentstrategies.


What is an investment strategy?

Investment strategy is a set ofexplanations to help investors make investment decisions, including whatinvestment, when to invest, and how much to buy. There are many investmentstrategies to choose from, from conservative strategies focusing on themanagement of low -risk investment portfolios and the goal of protectingwealth, to a radical strategy that focuses on high -risk investment portfoliomanagement and the goal of capital appreciation.

Although all investment strategies arefavorable, the strategy suitable for you depends on multiple factors, includingyour age, goals, expectations, available funds or lifestyles.


Why is it important to formulatestrategies?

The investment strategy is like a manual orguide. They forced investors to determine their goals and risk tolerance andpromise to formulate a plan to accumulate wealth.

In short, the strategy determines thatinvestors may make all the decisions made by their investment -when to buy,what to buy, how much to buy, how long it holds, and when to sell. The benefitsof formulating strategies include:

Help investors make investment decisions-investors will not be attracted by the latest trends or FOMO, but simplyfollow their plans.

Encourage more clear and independentthinking -a strategy forcing investors to consider investment decisions andgoals in advance, which means that they are not easy to be affected bypsychological prejudice.

Reduction of investment -related risks-formulating strategies can ensure any risks generated by calculations anddefine maximum acceptable risks before investing.

Define the actual goals -investmentstrategy aims to increase and/or protect the wealth of investors. Pre -definingthese goals can better understand the future capital demand/allocation requiredfor these goals.

In the end, investment strategies helpinvestors to achieve their goals.

No strategy can also have consequences.Risk is the inherent part of investment, no matter what the investors use orchoose the market. Because the encrypted market is known for its volatility,entering the opportunity to increase investors to make errors when there is nostrategy -affected by greed or fear. This will irregularly lead him to agreater risk and increase the possibility of his losses.


How to choose cryptocurrencies toinvest?

Before making any investment decisions, itis important to understand the encryption ecosystem. Analysis ofcryptocurrencies may be different from traditional assets such as stocks.Therefore, it is important to formulate your own cryptocurrency investmentstrategy. You can do this by considering your risk appetite and knowledgefoundation.

The price history and market value ofspecific cryptocurrencies can outline their price stability and adoption. Italso shows the impact of various real life events on cryptocurrency prices.


How to analyze cryptocurrencies?

Analysis of cryptocurrencies is a time-consuming process. Investors must carefully study online documents, comments,key indicators, etc. However, you must determine your research oncryptocurrencies, otherwise your funds will face risks. It is recommended toconduct appropriate research before investing in cryptocurrencies.

The following are several key factors youneed to consider when analyzing cryptocurrencies

1. Founder

Can he fulfill his promise?

Are anyone in the encrypted diasporas thatI trust guarantee him?

2. Opportunity

What is the market size today?

What is the scope of the next 5-7 years?

How fast can the market grow?

3. Product review and availability

Before investing in products andunderstanding its value, please use the product in person.

Learn about the communities around theproduct. And its view of the current state of the project.

4. Dievant, timeliness and tokens

By tracking the growth and development ofthe project to analyze the attachment. Data on the total value lock (tvL) andactive wallets reveal a lot of information about the project.

5. Evaluation of the timeliness of theproject

Evaluate the value of the tokens toincrease the value to the ecosystem. Evaluate locking, distribution rate,distribution timetable, growth cycle, etc.

6. Competitive analysis

Who is the main competitor?

What is the moat, is it sustainable?


What is long -term cryptocurrencyinvestment?

This is a strategy, or more precisely, itis an investment ideological genre, indicating that investment is a long -termgame. The overall idea of long -term investment is to invest in the market toearn interest or sell the price when the price appreciates higher than theprice of your purchase of assets.

In long -term encryption investment,investors usually buy encrypted assets and hold for at least one year or more.In the cryptocurrency world, there is a term -Hodling -actually a typo, whichmeans "persistence for dear life". Therefore, investors should knowwhat they are doing and what they are investing for more than one year.


Is cryptocurrency a good long -terminvestment?

Looking at the relatively short history ofcryptocurrencies, it can answer whether cryptocurrencies are a good long -terminvestment question to some extent. Taking the two largest cryptocurrencyBitcoin and Ethereum as an example. Bitcoin has appreciated nearly 12,000 sinceits launch in 2009, and Ethereum has appreciated more than 92,000%since itslaunch in 2015. If you invest in these two digital currencies early, you may bequite rich today.

In fact, since Bitcoin has set off anencrypted craze 13 years ago, many cryptocurrencies have generated anastronomical return. This has caused hundreds of alternative coins for manyyears and invested trillions of dollars in the field. In the long run, willthis make cryptocurrencies a "good" investment? This depends on yourviews on the industry and its future, including potential governmentsupervision.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts who believein their long -term feasibility use HODL strategy. This first letterabbreviation represents "HOLD on For Dear Life", which refers to thefierce fluctuation of the encrypted market. For example, Bitcoin hasexperienced at least 40% or more in the past ten years. The HODL method dependson whether these frequent collapses are related to the belief of the assetvalue that will restore and further appreciate.


What is the best long -termcryptocurrency investment strategy?

1. Holding

The purchase of encrypted assets and"holding" (usually 1-3 years) is a popular strategy. For noviceinvestors, this may be a good choice, because they can sit still and donothing, and experienced encrypted enthusiasts will carefully study specificprojects to invest to achieve their long -term potential benefits.

2. Encrypted savings account

By saving accounts (such as Ziglu's"Bitcoin Boost"), you can get a good return on cryptocurrencyinvestment over time. This is a kind of investment strategy similar to HODLING,because it involves earning passive income when you hold it, and operate in away similar to ordinary bank savings accounts. Users' assets lend to otherborrowers who need liquidity.

3. Average cost method (DCA)

Using this method, whether the market risesor falls, investors will regularly allocate a certain amount of funds fromtheir investment portfolio. Regular small investment to obtain long -termreturns can balance any violent peak or trough on the market, so investors donot have to worry about short -term fluctuations -this makes this strategyparticularly attractive to novices.

4. Disposal investment

Another "buying and holding"strategy, as it is said: instead of regularly investing smaller investment likeDCA, it is not as good as a large amount of investment in specific assets atone time. A key difference is that although the DCA method is beneficial toinvestors with lower risk tolerance, there is a risk of buying a one -timeinvestment at a peak period. If the price falls, this may be disturbing.

5. Value investment

This strategy focuses on underestimatedassets, which means that their actual value is much higher. This concept wasproposed by Benjamin Graham, and he was also known as the father of valueinvestment. Subsequently, it became famous for the world's most famous valueinvestor Vallen Buffett.

In essence, if you think that an asset isunderestimated, once the market see its value, its price will rise. An exampleof this concept may be Bitcoin, which is underestimated in its first 10 years(many people think it is still undervalued!). As more and more investors-including the government and institutions -recognize the value of Bitcoin, thedemand for Bitcoin has increased, and its price has also risen. Those who sawthe value of Bitcoin earlier received considerable profits.

The challenge of value investment is todetermine which assets have been underestimated. This strategy requires a lotof research and long -term mentality because it takes time to profit. However,if your research is correct, then these efforts are usually worth it becausethe return may be considerable. This process can also teach you how to betterfind projects with huge value, thus becoming better investors.

A specific example is to check the CHSBtoken again. The effectiveness of this token is getting larger and larger, andthe Swissborg community is growing every day, both of which show that it hasgreat value. However, when writing this article, the price has fallen due tothe current bear market. Therefore, investors who believe that CHSB isundervalued and bought at the current price will be regarded as valueinvestment.


Many factors need to be kept in mind whenformulating an investment strategy. If you are a novice of cryptocurrencies,you may feel challenging and overwhelmed. Long -term investment strategyprovides a reliable way to maximize the return of assets, and should consider theuser's investment goals, tax impacts and risk tolerance capabilities, as wellas the time required for investment and entry and entering and entering.


What is short -term cryptocurrencyinvestment?

Short -term encryption investment isessentially trading. As traders, you just speculate on the market and make aprofit from price differences. You enter the market at a certain price andbelieve it will move in a certain direction. If it moves in your idea, you willmake a profit, otherwise you will withdraw from the market after losing money.

This investment, or more precisely,involves a lot of transactions, and can enter and exit the market as long asthe opportunity appears in front of you.


What is the best short -termcryptocurrency investment strategy?

Due to the widespread adoption of assetcategories, huge achievements have been achieved in the encrypted field, cryptoexperts have also adopted some strategies in order to enjoy securitytransactions while enjoying the trading journey!

1. Day trading

The most common cryptocurrency tradingstrategies; day trading involves the establishment of warehouses and exits onthe same day. This mainly needs to continue to pay attention to thecryptocurrency market and obtain instant profit from assets.

2. Swing Trading

Market participants usually depend on thesupport and resistance of experienced analysts. The "resistance" incryptocurrencies refers to the point where the price of some tokens may rise.In contrast, "support" is the opposite. It indicates that cryptocurrenciesshould not fall below.

3. High -frequency trading (HFT)

This is an algorithm trading strategycommonly used by quantitative traders. This strategy is famous for developingalgorithms and trading robots that help traders to quickly enter and exitencrypted assets.

4. Reverse investment

Walren Buffett said, "Fear when othersgreedy, greedy when others are afraid." This sentence summarizes what isreverse investment. Reverse investment occurred in the current market trend byselling by investors by selling or buying most investors.

Many investors are ecstatic and are willingto bear higher risks during the bull market, but in the bear market stage, theywill feel fear, frustration, and unwilling to invest. Reverse investors seizetheir opportunities by building their approach on the opposite of these trends.

Betting the market: When the market isbullish, the trend is ecstatic and attracts the interest of many people. Thismoment represents the highest risk of reverse investors. A good example is toobserve Bitcoin before the historical high in mid -April -at this time, manyinvestors are talking about the price of Bitcoin further, which encourages manynewcomers to invest in Bitcoin.

Plumbing the market: When the market loses,this is the best opportunity for investors to see the best investmentopportunities and get high returns. The bear market trend starting in May 2021provides investors with excellent opportunities to purchase assets such asBitcoin, Ethereum and CHSB at a discount price. Bitcoin fell by about 50%aftera record high in April, which made many investors panic and sell. Investorswill regard this situation as an opportunity to do the opposite things, buyBitcoin at a discount price, and then sell it at a higher price.

Being a reverse investor may have a greatreturn in the short term, but this is also an adventure strategy, and it maytake a long time to get the return.


Analysis of the advantages anddisadvantages of cryptocurrency investment for a long time and short -term:

1. Advantages

The biggest benefit of long -terminvestment strategy is that investors can be in a fairly peaceful mentality,because there is no need to pay attention to the price fluctuations ofencrypted assets every day. Instead, people only need to track theeffectiveness of encryption projects and team leaders. This is easy to be anevent that performs every quarter or half a year to track a person'sinvestment.

On the other hand, the biggest advantage ofshort -term investment strategies is that it can prevent the extreme shrinkagethat may be brought by the crypto market. Short -term investors have strategicstop losses. When the price starts to plummet or is the opposite of them, theywill withdraw from the market. Therefore, people can avoid these traps, andeven surplus cash to buy dips to use the subsequent rebound.


2. Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage of long-terminvestment is that investors will have to endure the retracement andcryptocurrency cold winter of several days, weeks, months, or even years, andeven if they lose more than 70-80%, they must firmly hold theircryptocurrencies Essence Their cost and price value. This is a difficult thingto do, but if it can -this is the most reliable method.

The biggest disadvantage of short -termtransactions includes high transaction frequency. The transaction involves thecost of paying to the transaction that promotes the transaction -therefore,this often reduces the profits obtained by traders from the transaction. Inaddition, short -term transactions need to pay attention to charts and marketsdaily, and have a thorough understanding of technical analysis -this may takeseveral years to correctly learn and implement living money in the market.


The final consideration of the selectionof investment plans

When investing in cryptocurrencies, risktolerance, volatility, uncertainty, and goals are important considerations. Ifyou want to achieve long -term success, it is essential to formulate a reliableencryption strategy plan, and it may take some time and experience to formulatethis plan.

Some important precautions that need to bekept in mind include:

Do your own research: No one gets rich bylistening to some people who promise high returns or other financial proposalson social media (at least, not sustainable). Self -study through educationalcontent: understand the value of the project you are interested in, thedynamics of the cryptocurrency market, the security characteristics ofdifferent investment products, and maintain an open mind.

Understand yourself, your strategy andgoal: Not any specific strategy is a clear winner. The key is to find thestrategy that suits you best. Before choosing an investment strategy, it isimportant to clarify the goal and understand your investment preference. Thiswill help you give up the potential strategy that is not suitable for you andavoid unfortunate losses.

Action: Although research is important,experience is also important. By accumulating your investment experience,including experience of losses and profits, you will grow into an investor andformulate a more effective strategy over time.

Diversify your investment portfolio and re-allocate your assets when needed: dispersing your investment portfolio todifferent asset classes, so that you can be satisfied with the risks that areactive, passive, conservative, mild, or radical investors Essence According toyour investment plan or market situation, you may need to change your assetallocation to prevent losses and maintain peace of mind.

Just invest in the loss you can bear: don'ttake your life's savings or the money you need to bet. When investing, youshould still be able to live your life comfortably.

Adhere to your plan: Your investmentstrategy should come from logic and research, not emotions. FOMO and FUD maycause long -term unfavorable investment decisions. Therefore, once you make aplan, it is best to adhere to implementation.


The above content introduces the bestencryption investment strategy of long -term and short -term goals. As forwhich strategy you are suitable for, long -term or short -term? This isdifferent from person to person. It is necessary to analyze the current pricedynamics of the cryptocurrency market based on the actual situation of yourown. Don't forget that cryptocurrencies are usually unstable, so how much youinvest depends on how much you are willing to lose.