To make money with Metauniverse stocks, you can consider three Metauniverse stocks for long-term investment

Dec 23,2022
To make money with Metauniverse stocks, you can consider three Metauniverse stocks for long-term investment

Today we are going to talk about the most suitable stocks for long-term capital appreciation. Global X Yuan Universe Exchange Trading Fund (VR): a low-cost, low-risk strategy for decentralized portfolio exposure to important yuan universe companies. In the long run, Meta Platforms (META) may become one of the market leaders of the Metauniverse. In addition, Robox (RBLX) is the closest to the widespread social meta universe.

1. Global X yuan boundary ETF (VR)

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are usually one of the most effective ways to achieve portfolio diversification in a specific benchmark or industry (ETF). Interestingly, this difference also applies to the meta universe. Global X Yuan Universe Exchange Trading Fund (NASDAQ: VR) is one of the preferred stocks for getting rich (or at least for the accumulation of stocks of Yuan Universe). Two young people used virtual reality earphones to create an illustration of the meta universe.

The ETF is dedicated to investing in companies that can benefit from the development and commercialization of the meta universe. This includes the company's creation of technology and software to allow users to experience expanded numbers; Creator platform, sharing live streams and other media assets in 3D simulation; And the development of the creator economy, including digital payment. This ETF provides extremely cheap diversified investment in this high growth field, because its cost rate is only 0.50%.

Its main holdings are Roblox (New York Stock Exchange code: RBLX), Take Two Interactive (Nasdaq code: TTWO), Apple (Nasdaq code: AAPL), Microsoft (Nasdaq code: MSFT), Invista (Nasdaq code: NVDA) and Amazon (Nasdaq code: AMZN). More information is available on the ETF website.

2. Meta platform (META)

The meta platform (NASDAQ: META) may be one of the best ways for investors to understand the huge growth potential of the meta universe. According to the company, "The meta universe will be similar to the integration of contemporary online social interaction, sometimes extended to three-dimensional space or projected into reality. It will enable you to participate in the immersive contact with people when physically separated“

The user growth of Horizon Worlds, a free virtual reality online video game, has not exceeded expectations. There is no doubt that the company encountered difficulties in releasing the meta universe. According to Andrew Miller, a Fox business writer, Meta Platforms had to cut its year-end forecast for monthly active users from 500000 to 280000.

Since its launch, the company has sold about 15 million Quest 2 VR headphones. In addition, the company plans to release Quest Pro and Quest 3 before the end of the year. Each headset is designed to facilitate communication with the horizon. Those who believe that Meta's headset and metauniverse configuration will win the competition may eventually regard this early traction as a success. It is worth noting that Meta's operating profit margin is still around 29%. The company has approximately $40.5 billion in cash available. The only company that can spend billions of dollars to make the meta universe a reality is Meta.


Roblox is now the closest thing to the universal social meta universe. This is another top dollar universe stock invested for financial success. Our mission is to create a platform for common human experience, enabling billions of people to play, learn, communicate, explore and strengthen their relationships.

In fact, after experiencing a slump, gambling stocks have shown signs of recovery. This is the result of impressive growth results in September. The number of daily active users rose 23% year-on-year to 57.8 million. It is worth noting that these visitors also spend more time on the website, which increases by 16% every year, reaching 4 billion hours. Better still, the expected booking volume is between $212 million and $219 million, an increase of 11% to 15% over the previous year.

In addition, Wal Mart (New York Stock Exchange: WMT) announced its cooperation with Robolox to provide the experience. The company realized that its customers spent a lot of time on the website, which is one of the reasons for cooperation. If time equals money, Roblox is the market leader.


Many famous companies have participated in the Metauniverse. From Wal Mart and Coca Cola to Disney and Victoria's Secret, the most famous companies and smart marketers continue to invest in the virtual environment of the meta universe. Technology giants like Meta, Google, Microsoft and Apple view the meta universe as the future frontier of advertising and digital experience. Despite the recent industry failure, the stock of Yuanuniverse still has great potential for growth. In my opinion, the above three are the best choices in the market at present.