What is Ambire AdEx? Prospect and value analysis of ADX currency

Dec 02,2022
What is Ambire AdEx? Prospect and value analysis of ADX currency

Today, I want to introduce Ambire AdEx, a distributed advertising interaction platform, and ADX currency, ERC20 currency launched by the platform. It may be strange to some novice investors, so let's take a look at what Ambire AdEx is and what its prospects are.

What is Ambire AdEx?

Ambire is the new name of AdEx Network, which describes itself as the next generation digital advertising solution and the encryption wallet focusing on DeFi. Ambire took place as a decentralized advertising platform in 2017, and later expanded into a complete agreement for advertising space. The team then imported the Ambire wallet into their enterprise portfolio.

The Ambire AdEx protocol includes all interactions between publishers, advertisers and end users. It uses the second layer payment channel of OUTPACE to operate on Ethereum based on micro payment, and provides DeFi pledge of native ADX currency.

Ambire team also developed an open source platform based on the completion of Ethereum protocol. Since the platform was launched in 2020, it has obtained more than 16,000 registered users and processed billions of micro payments on the blockchain.

ADX is a native currency used to encourage the uptime of verifiers to ensure the successful operation of all advertising activities on the Ambire AdEx platform.

Assign verifiers to each advertising activity on the platform, and be responsible for solving the micro payment between the uploader and the advertiser according to the second payment channel. The more ADX coins pledged, the higher the stability of the verifier network. By the end of 2021, the equity APY will exceed 45%.

In January 2020, Ambire launched the pledge portal of the enterprise to apply to the work of the advertising platform. With this option, ADX holders can receive rewards by pledging their currency. These rewards are initially limited to a portion of the verifier's expenses charged for each event on the Ambire AdEx advertising platform. In September of the same year, the pledge was extended to include mining. Shortly thereafter, Chainlink price feed was used to enhance the loyalty pool.

Ambire Wallet is a full-featured cryptocurrency wallet designed to simplify and democratize the application of encryption and DeFi tools in daily life. It is designed for novice and experienced customers to provide browsable customer experience, seamless induction, automatic gas management, hardware wallet application, etc. Ambire wallet is described as the simplest and simplest way to enter into decentralized finance and cryptocurrency.

Ambire was founded by experienced entrepreneurs Ivo Georgiev and Dimo Stoyanov. Both are also the names behind Stremio, a streaming media platform with more than 18 million users worldwide. Today, a team of 20 professionals is developing the Ambire advertising platform and DeFi wallet. Therefore, interest in ADX coins may also come from a strong team.

Prospect and value analysis of ADX currency

With the soaring of virtual currency, more people will join in this industry. It is precisely because more people join in that the small circle that once belonged to geeks has become a big industry. The concept of blockchain is also recognized as the most popular concept at the moment. More and more traditional industry practitioners have joined this new field, and have collided with the blockchain in their own way. As some practitioners in the advertising industry, they also started to build an advertising trading platform related to blockchain. ADX is such a project.

AdEx is an advertising trading platform based on blockchain, which aims to innovate the existing online advertising layout and deal with some of its major issues: advertising fraud, privacy and malicious display of sponsorship information.

AdEx is absolutely open and built on the Ethereum smart contract.

Provide a platform to authorize advertisers and publishers. On this platform, it is not only safe and transparent, but also beneficial to many parties including customers participating in the process.

The ADX was sold in June 2017, with a large supply of 100 million pieces. At present, 73.43 million pieces are in circulation, with a 24-hour turnover rate of 200%. Up to now, the highest price of 7 exchanges, including the currency security exchange, has been 25 yuan, and now it is 1.28 yuan. The total number of address holders exceeds 12000, and the top ten address holders account for 76%. It has submitted code 600 times on Github, and more than 51000 Twitter followers.

The project members of ADX team are all from overseas, and the project itself is also a foreign project. The direction of this project is to build a distributed advertising platform. Since 312, the low point has nearly doubled. At present, this project has great potential. It is relatively perfect in terms of technology and ecology. Compared with the domestic three no products, it is many times better. It is suggested that the friends you like can hold them appropriately.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of what Ambire AdEx is and its prospects. In general, Xiaobian also reminds investors that although this is a mutually satisfactory solution in theory, the platform is very likely to gain revenue based on the privacy of users, and the assumption that you can gain profits by watching advertisements will also attract a large number of wool parties. How to avoid wool parties is also a problem. However, on the whole, if we can handle these problems well, ADX is still a project worth seeing.