What is BNX coin? Where can I buy BNX coins?

Nov 05,2022
What is BNX coin? Where can I buy BNX coins?

It is reported that what is BNX coin? Where can I buy BNX coins? BNX coin is still highly discussed at present, and many investors are curious about this newly issued token. At present, there is little information about BNX coin. The English name of BNX coin is BinaryX. This project is mainly a game token. Because of the popularity of the game, many investors have begun to look forward to BNX coin before it was launched. As of 13:13 on November 11 last year, the price of BNX coin was 153.94 dollars. Speaking of the current price of BNX coin, I believe you want to know what BNX coin is? And how to buy it, let's learn about it.

What is BNX coin?

BNX coins belong to tokens and are also the governance tokens of Cyber Dragon. Holding BNX tokens can participate in community governance and voting, and have the right to vote on major decisions about the future development direction of the game. Holding BNX tokens can also obtain regular aerial drops of gold coins.

In addition, in some key operations of the game, BNX tokens need to be consumed, such as creating characters, casting rare equipment with materials in the game, challenging the Cyber Dragon dungeons and some top dungeons. BNX tokens can be obtained by purchasing from Pancake, Babyswap and other Dex, challenging specific dungeons in the game, and participating in other BinaryX Defi products. In addition, most of the BNX paid by users in the game will be used to set up activity rewards and return them to users.

The main currency in the BinaryX game needs to use gold coins in most consumption scenarios in the game. For example, heroes need to consume gold coins to upgrade, challenge replicas need to consume gold coins as travel expenses, damaged equipment needs to be repaired with gold coins, buy consumables such as potions before challenging dungeons, hire other players to form teams with gold coins, etc. Gold coins can be obtained by participating in daily work after creating heroes, or by trading gold coins on the DEX platform.

Users can create their own game characters through the role creation page. Every time you create a role, you need to pay 1BNX Token. Each character created will gain a random class/attribute point/talent skill. Each character created is in the form of NFT token, and players can transfer, gift, sell and other operations freely. Each address can create up to 5 heroes every day.

Where can I buy BNX coins?


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In general, the above content is an analysis of what BNX is and where to buy it. I hope that the points mentioned in the article can help investors to have a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of all transactions of BNX currency on the market. Because at present, BNX currency has only been listed on 6 exchanges. Although there are few exchanges listed, there are some mainstream exchanges, and the trading data of BNX currency in these exchanges are good, indicating that the market circulation of BNX currency is good, and it is a currency worthy of attention at present.